Here is a partial list of web-based resources that may be of help when working with educational technologies.

We will be adding to this list at selected intervals of time. If you have others to suggest please click on the @ sign on the left column and send us an email.




Website Abstraction advanced HTML/Web Building Tutorials
HTML tutorials for advanced webmasters. Features web design tips, CSS and DHTML tutorials, guest articles, and more.
Browse CoolHomepages for the coolest and hippest sites on the net, including DHTML and JavaScript related ones.

FreeFever Webmaster Resources
An excellent webmasters directory. All the resources listed are 100% free.

Total Webmaster
A nicely done freebies directory for webmasters. Categories include free graphics, email, webpages, scripts, and more.

Webmaster Land
Great web building directory covering HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more.
The ultimate HTML and web design resource for webmasters. Also features a great weekly newsletter, free, or course!

The Web Design Resource
An excellent, one-stop guide for webmasters wanting to learn advanced HTML, DHTML, and CSS.

Mega Webtools
The premier directory of the best web tools on the internet!



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